Package 1: The Touch-Up

Dot the I’s, cross the t’s. A thorough spelling and grammar proofread of the manuscript exactly as it is—no content changes. $200 (flat rate)

Package 2: The Classic

Tighten up language for tone and clarity (including dialog and transitions), plus spelling and grammar proofing. Example: A 50K-word manuscript is $800. 5k free words = $250. Total package = $550.

Package 3: The Works

In-depth review of structure, organization, plot structure and character development (fiction), or strength of thesis/argument (non-fiction). Example: A 50K-word manuscript = $2400. 5K free words. Total package = $2150.

Is Your Manuscript Ready for the Big Time?


  • Not sure if your book, story or document is ready to be published?  
  • Have you read your own work so many times you can no longer decide what is right or wrong?
  • Are you suspicious of your friends’ comments, worried they just don't want to hurt your feelings?
  • Worried your plot may be confusing to a new reader or your characters aren't likable enough?
  • Tired of rejec­tion slips?

    Whether you're a seasoned author or a novice, everyone could use an extra set of eyes when it comes to editing a manuscript. NCD Editing Services can be YOUR difference between acceptance and rejection.

    Whether you only have a few chapters finished and are unsure where to go, need a jump start on a half-finished project, or just want to put a final polish on a finished manuscript, we can help.

    Don't self-publish an eBook full of mistakes that will keep readers from recommending your work or, worse, inspire terrible online reviews!  

    Every mistake in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall organization is just one more thing that could distract a reader from an otherwise engaging manuscript.

    NCD Editing Services can help you with:

    • Textbooks
    • Corporate documents
    • Fiction (novels, short stories)
    • Non-fiction (technical, research papers)
    • eBooks
    • And more!

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"I had hit a brick wall with my latest book. I just couldn't RE-READ IT ANY MORE! I knew something was wrong, but was too close to the project to know what. I had Nicole read it, and her notes were like the literary clouds parting.

Even after just the first round of editorial comments, I could suddenly see the problems and felt renewed. She not only told me what doesn't work, but also what DOES so I could do more of THAT.

If you're looking for an editor that can help and is comfortable with whom to work, you simply couldn't do better. The thought of letting three years go to nothing was horrifying. Now I'm back on track."  

--- Amy Vansant, Author of "The Surfer's Guide to Florida" and "Kid-Free Living Vol. 1."